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Custom Movers Select will arrange for storage services if you are required to load at origin in advance of your ability to accept delivery at destination.  Storage Services will be your choice of storing with the van lines in one of their temperature-controlled warehouses, or delivery to your separate mini-storage facility at destination.


Storage with the van lines:

The van lines will remain in complete control of your household goods until final delivery out to your residence and your valuation protection will continue in effect for possible loss or damage.


Storage to your separate mini-storage facility:

Upon delivery to your separate mini-storage facility, the van lines moving services will terminate, along with the van lines protection program.  You will assume responsibity for having your possessions moved from the mini-storage to your household.  Any claims to the van lines for loss or damage must be filed within 90 days of delivery to the mini-storage, and the items claimed as damaged must not be moved from the mini-storage until after a claims adjustor's visit.